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NorthCoast 99 honors 99 great workplaces for top performers in Northeast Ohio. The 2016 application opens on February 11.

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Northeast Ohio's Best Places to Work

The NorthCoast 99 Winners Report contains information on best practices, benchmark data, stories and examples, and case studies based on data provided by the 2015 NorthCoast 99 winners.

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Best Event!

2-Time Best Corporate Event in Northeast Ohio awarded by CBC Magazine!


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Your guides to building a great workplace, including the 200+ page Winners Report.

What people are saying about the event:

"Fun, light atmosphere was refreshing. I was delighted it was not the usual stuffy attire."
"Such a high-energy, high-quality production sends a great message to the community."
"I felt empowered after the event and inspired by the winning companies."
Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Community Leader
ERC Health
Frantz Ward LLP
Gino's Awards
Oswald Companies
Staffing Solutions Enterprises
Ultimate Software