Research Highlights

Benchmark your HR policies and practices to local companies.

Gauge how your organization’s efforts in each area of the application stack up against other local award-winning organizations.

Uncover your strengths and where there is room for growth.

NorthCoast 99 reports provide a blueprint for possible workplace initiatives and can validate current organizational practices.

Measure employee engagement among your top performers.

Gain valuable insights into the unfiltered opinions and level of engagement of your organization's best and brightest employees.

Get an in-depth consultation with recommendations.

Learn how your organization scored against this year’s NorthCoast 99 winners and receive recommendations for continuous improvement from our team of experts.


2024 NorthCoast 99 Company Results Report

Achieving workplace excellence requires an understanding of your organization's strengths and areas of opportunity. The NorthCoast 99 program allows you to do just that!

As a NorthCoast 99 applicant, you receive valuable benchmarking data that will help your organization improve and stay competitive. Every applicant receives a complimentary Company Results Report, which compares their organizational policies, benefits, and practices to those of the other NorthCoast 99 applicants and winners. 

This report is broken down by the six sections of the application to help you understand how your organization stacks up against other employers in Northeast Ohio in each topic area. The Company Results Report is customized and emailed to applicant organizations in the month of August.

2024 NorthCoast 99 Winner Practices Report

To become one of the best workplaces, employers must learn from the best. With the Winner Practices Report, you can access the exceptional practices, policies, and benefits of this year's NorthCoast 99 winning organizations.

In this publication, you'll discover how the NorthCoast 99 winners are able to attract, develop, and retain talent. You'll also read about best practices, workplace trends, and real-world examples in six areas:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Employee Engagement & Talent Development
  • Employee Well-Being
  • Organizational Strategy, Policies & Benefits
  • Talent Attraction, Acquisition & Onboarding
  • Total Rewards

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2024 NorthCoast 99 Employee Engagement Report

The ability to attract, develop, and retain high-quality talent leads to positive business outcomes. That's why it's crucial to understand what motivates and engages your top performers. 

The Employee Engagement Report provides a window into the unfiltered opinions and level of engagement of your organization's top employees. This customized publication includes the anonymous answers from your Employee Opinion Surveys that were submitted as part of your organization's NorthCoast 99 application.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Top performers’ preferences on which of 10 job attributes are most important to them. 
  • Data visualizations of statistics for all 53 multiple-choice questions, to provide enhanced report usability.
  • Answers from top performers on why they stay and what would cause them to leave.

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2024 NorthCoast 99 Company Results Report Consultation

While the Company Results Report gives you a detailed snapshot of how your organization's policies and practices compare to regional employers, you may want a more comprehensive evaluation of your NorthCoast 99 results. 

The Company Results Report Consultation provides an in-depth look at your organization's data as well as recommendations on practices that can be improved. This one-hour, virtual consultation also includes further detail on your organization’s scores within each section of the application

Following the discussion, you will be given presentation slides, which highlight specific questions where there could be improvement and action steps that are part of the larger discussion.

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