NorthCoast 99

Founded & produced by ERC, NorthCoast 99 is an annual awards program & event that honors 99 great Northeast Ohio workplaces for top talent.

The NorthCoast 99 Application Opens on February 15, 2024!


Order the 2023 NorthCoast 99 Winner Practices Report

NorthCoast 99 is not just any workplace award. It's a recognition of those Northeast Ohio organizations with exceptional policies and practices that attract and retain top performers!

Organizations can learn what the 2023 NorthCoast 99 winners are doing to keep talent through the NorthCoast 99 Winner Practices Report

This report highlights best practices, workplace trends, and real-world examples from the NorthCoast 99 winning organizations in the following areas: Organizational Strategy, Policies & Benefits; Talent Attraction, Acquisition & Onboarding; Employee Well-Being; Employee Engagement & Talent Development; Total Rewards; and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Order 2023 Winner Practices Report

Who Puts on the NorthCoast 99 Program?

ERC is the founder and producer of the NorthCoast 99 Awards program, with the support of our generous sponsors. For over 100 years, ERC has provided people data and solutions to help leaders build great workplaces.

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