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    Your Win

    NorthCoast 99 winners proudly use the award as a badge of honor for their workplace and their organization. By promoting your organization as one of the 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio, you have a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining top talent to your organization.

    The NorthCoast 99 Branding Kit

    We've put together a complete NorthCoast 99 Branding Kit that will allow you to leverage your NorthCoast 99 award. The kit includes logos, graphics and language to use in any of the following ways.

    Download the Branding Kit

    Included in the Branding Kit:

    • NorthCoast 99 Logos (.jpg and .eps)
    • Sample Press Release
    • Social Media Messages and Images
    • Desktop Wallpapers
    • PowerPoint Presentation Decks
    • Video to explain your win to your employees

    What exposure comes with winning?

    As a NorthCoast 99 winner, you'll receive substantial exposure and promotional support for your organization. This includes the following:

    • Listing on NorthCoast99.org as a top workplace
    • Recognition at the annual NorthCoast 99 awards event
    • Email and social media promotion to announce the winners
    • Inclusion in a special section of Cleveland Magazine in September

    View the Magazine

    "NorthCoast 99 is a tool for recruitment and retention. Great employees want to work at great workplaces and being a NorthCoast 99 Winner leads them to us and reinforces their decision to be employed at our organization."

    2016 NorthCoast 99 Winner

    What it Means to Win NorthCoast 99

    You're a NorthCoast 99 winner! Now it's time to share the significance of this award internally with your employees. Embed the video on your intranet or share the link in an inter-office email.

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