NorthCoast 99

Created and presented by ERC, NorthCoast 99 is an annual recognition program and event in its 22nd year that honors 99 great Northeast Ohio workplaces for top talent.


2019 NorthCoast 99 Top Performer Summary Report

Place an order to purchase your organization's 2019 Top Performer Summary Report! This valuable publication provides insight into the opinions and level of engagement of your top employees, each of whom participated in a 67-question survey as part of your application.

Highlights from this year's report include:

  • Top performers’ preferences on which of 10 job attributes are most important to them. 
  • Data visualizations of statistics for all 65 multiple-choice questions, to provide enhanced report usability.
  • Get answers from top performers on why they stay and what would cause them to leave.

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Who Puts on the NorthCoast 99 Program?

Founded in 1920, ERC is the creator and producer of the NorthCoast 99 Awards program, with the support of our generous sponsors. ERC helps organizations make their workplaces great by providing expert people solutions that include training, consulting, research, and HR support services.

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