The Top Performer Summary Report is available for each NorthCoast 99 applicant to purchase.

The report costs $700 plus tax and can be provided within a week to ten days after ordering.

Upon delivery of your report, ERC will schedule an optional phone consultation at no additional cost.

Please note: all top-performer responses are reported anonymously and all identifying characteristics are removed.

Top Performer Summary Report

This valuable publication provides insight into the opinions of your top employees, each of whom anonymously participated in a 61-question survey as part of your application.

Top Performer Summary Report

What's included in the report?

The report features top performers’ preferences on which of the 19 job attributes they feel are most important to them.

The report also highlights all of the comments for the two open-ended questions:

  • What aspects of this workplace or your job influence your decision to remain at this organization?
  • What aspects of this workplace or your job might cause you to consider leaving?

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How you can use your top performer summary report


Understand engagement

You can use the Top Performer Summary results to diagnose your top performers’ levels of engagement within your organization.


Hear from top performers

You'll hear directly from your top performers by reading their comments on what is working and what is not working in your organization.


Improve engagement

You can make informed decisions to improve areas that are hindering engagement as well as maintain practices in the areas that are facilitating engagement.

Who puts on the NorthCoast 99 program?

ERC is the creator and producer of the NorthCoast 99 awards program, with the support of our generous sponsors.
ERC helps organizations create great workplaces by providing HR resources, training, and consulting services.

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