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November 18. 2015

Winner Spotlight Series: Human Arc

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November 18. 2015

Thirty-one years ago, Mike Baird, CEO of Human Arc, had recently graduated college but was ready for something more. He had a dream to start a business that included both purpose and profit. So Baird started Human Arc, a company that helps hospitals and health plans improve revenue while delivering significant community benefit. On behalf of its clients, Human Arc helps patients and plan members with low or no income, and those who are aged or have disabilities, enroll in government-funded assistance programs and realize quality-of-life improvements.


Community matters

On top of helping hospitals and health plans improve revenue and deliver significant benefits, there is another side to Human Arc and that is being involved with the community. Each Human Arc associate is allotted eight hours of paid time off to volunteer in the community. 

“We are encouraged as associates to volunteer with whatever our passion brings us to,” said Alicia Burton, Marketing Project Manager. “Associates have participated in cancer walks, food drives, clothing drives, and backpack drives. Human Arc also hosts an annual 5K race/walk and any money that is raised is donated to the Greater Cleveland Foodbank, which was $25,000 last year.”

Burton says whenever an idea is thrown out to help the community, the response from Human Arc and its associates is incredible. And because every opportunity is different from the next, everyone gets involved one way or another. 

“My favorite event I have participated in was a backpack drive. I met a woman who couldn’t afford supplies for her grandchildren. I was able to come to Human Arc and ask if it would be interested in hosting a backpack drive in my community. The response I received was overwhelming. So now we do a backpack drive each year and are able to donate 200 backpacks to kids in need,” says Burton.

Human Arc has thousands of touching stories about helping people in the community. One story that was highlighted at the NorthCoast 99 Event was when several Human Arc associates learned of hospital client patient that was unable to get in and out of his home. He depended on a wheelchair to get around, however, his home was not wheelchair accessible.

In 2014, associates Jeff Cruz, Senior EDI Analyst, and Alice Legg, Account Manager, did some internal fundraising and with the help of CEO Mike Baird’s offer to match what they raised, Cruz and Legg were able to raise enough money to build a wheelchair ramp.

“That first time the patient was able to roll up and down the ramp was such a proud moment, and seeing how excited he was just made my day,” said Cruz. 

“It’s really hard to find the words to explain how it felt being a part of this opportunity, but what is even more amazing is that Human Arc helped make it happen,” said Legg. 

Janet White, HCR Executive, says a lot of stories stick out to her, but the most special ones to her are the ones that involve Human Arc associates. 

“One associate had a car go through their home, another’s house burned down, such unfathomable things, and people here have risen to the occasion to help out. The most amazing thing about it is you never have to ask, people just automatically start giving,” says White. 

What it’s like working for Human Arc

The culture at Human Arc is one of excitement, as described by many of the Human Arc associates, but it’s also all about making a difference. 

“When we make a difference, it’s not about the big things, but rather about the little things,” says Burton. “That’s what we do, that’s who we are - we make a difference.” 

Jennifer Crupper, Employee Relations Manager at Human Arc, says the culture at Human Arc is extremely value based, which is what has drawn her to stay at Human Arc for all of these years. 

“It’s about doing the right thing, having integrity, and being kind to other people. There’s a lot of experience and knowledge at Human Arc, as well as a lot of compassion for the people we work with and the roles we are in. It’s about making a difference. Now we really want to focus on how to inspire other people and companies to do the same,” says Crupper.

White also raves about working for Human Arc and attributes a lot of Human Arc’s success to the CEO, Mike Baird. 

“The people that I work with at Human Arc are awesome- actually they are amazing. They have high integrity and passion that just oozes out of them. Whether it’s a member, an internal associate or a patient, it’s part of our tapestry to help people, and that was all part of our President’s vision.”  

There is no doubt after visiting with the wonderful associates of Human Arc that this is a special company. It continues to help each other, the community, and really promote paying it forward. Human Arc’s hope is to inspire people and organizations to do just the same.

“I love coming to work every day because it has purpose. We are doing something big here. We are all a part of helping others, impacting our community, impacting the wellbeing of our clients’ patients and members who just need someone to help them,” says Crupper. 

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