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November 6. 2014

Winner Spotlight: Hyland, creator of OnBase

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November 6. 2014

Hyland, creator of OnBase, is one of the largest independent enterprise content management vendors. Its product, OnBase, is a software solution that helps organizations streamline processes and become more efficient.  Located in Westlake, Ohio, Hyland has more than 1,800 employees and services more than 12,900 organizations.

Hyland is committed to getting its employees involved in the community, services you don’t normally find at an organization and a culture that is constantly evolving.  Not to mention, it is also this year’s 2014 Workplace Community Impact Award recipient at the NorthCoast 99 event.

Hyland and the community

At Hyland, employees have a wide variety of opportunities when it comes to volunteering their time to organizations in the community. It’s important for its employees to give back to the community in which they work and live in. One of these events is knows at Hyland’s summer of service day.

“Our summer of service day is when we invite all of the employees to participate in projects throughout the community,” says Debbie Connelly, Vice President of Human Resources.  “We have done projects such as build a playground at an urban community school in one day, to help clean up Edgewater Beach”

Employees are really at the core of what Hyland does from a community standpoint.

“Some examples of our community engagement activities include: Our holiday giving, which involved everyone across the company adopting families in the Cleveland area,” says Lisa Jackman, Community Engagement Manager.  “Last year we adopted 27 families, locally.”  

Other projects Hyland has been a part of include:

  • Getting 100 employees together to clean up the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood and participate in over 12 different projects such as painting, assisting the elderly in homecare, and assisting a local school with cleanup
  • Help pack lunches at the Cleveland Food Bank
  • Donate items such as coats, hats, boots, toys and games to children in need in the area

Jackman says getting employees to volunteer for these projects is anything but hard.

“Quite honestly, getting employees involved in community service is not really a challenge here. You’d be surprised at how quickly folks respond to an email sent out,” says Jackman. “For example, within a week of us announcing our summer of service day, we had over 300 employees signed up for all of the project spots.”

Hyland also utilizes its tech savvy employees to collaborate with a nonprofit, TechCore, to deliver hands on technology curriculum to classrooms in the area.

“We have a group of about 20 Hyland volunteers that will go out weekly to deliver this curriculum. Currently, they are going out to Dover Elementary School in Westlake and working with the students there,” says Jackman.

At the completion of any volunteer project, the Hyland volunteers feel energized because they feel more connected to one another and that there is a renewed commitment to working with each other.

“This year, I was a part of the summer of service and one thing I was involved with was to go to a Cleveland school and clean out lockers, windows and help reorganize a quarter of the school,” says Anthony Maimone, Team Lead, Development. “And we did all of this in under three hours- the school didn’t even think we could finish the windows in that amount of time! It was just so fun to work with people I don’t see often or have never met, and that’s half the fun when doing these projects.”

In addition to all of the volunteer hours Hyland puts in as a group, it also gives its employees the time to take an additional 12 hours of paid time off to support a nonprofit of their choice.

“Hyland has every intention of continuing to place an effort on our community and engagement efforts,” says Connelly. “It keeps our employees engaged, fulfilled, and supports the community, all at the same time.”

Embracing change and being a cut above the rest

Along with its strong ties to the community, Hyland is also known for its atmosphere at the workplace. Some unique perks at Hyland include:

  • Two slides within the office
  • Bikes available to ride between any of the three buildings on campus
  • Gyms onsite
  • Spin classes onsite
  • Personal trainers
  • Daycare onsite
  • Beauty salon and barbershop
  • Multiple cafeterias with professional cooks
  • Dry cleaners
  • Tennis courts

“I love working at Hyland because you never know what to expect,” says Maimone, who has been an employees at Hyland for over 8 years. “Even on my way walking over to this interview, I didn’t know that I was going to be able to see my son, who goes to daycare at Hyland, walking outside from building one to building two. It’s so amazing that I was just surprised like that, and that alone just made my day. Then I was able to get a quick picture of him and send it to my wife, which made her day.”

Jason Augustin, Manager, Technical Support, is another long time employee of Hyland and says it’s the talented and motivated people he gets to work with everyday that makes working at Hyland such a joy.

“It’s also so rewarding to work for a company that embraces change and is always looking to better itself,” says Augustin. “I just love the opportunities here, whether it’s educational, technical or leadership training. I also really love how Hyland values family. Since I have a family of my own, it’s nice to be able to bring them in to participate in events here and make them feel like they are a part of the Hyland family.”

Maimone goes on to add that “I love the transition the company is making, the people I work with and working for, and everyone’s ambition. Everyone here is always motivated to get the job done and get it done right. We are not just here to please people; we are here to really do everything above and beyond of what’s expected. And that’s why I love working at Hyland.” 

Hyland’s culture is extremely vibrant and energetic. With its abundance of volunteer workers and projects throughout the year, its fun and educational culture and its employees love for Hyland and their job, it’s no wonder Hyland was a recipient of the 2014 NorthCoast 99 awards.

“I love working at Hyland because of the people. They truly are the most dedicated group of people I have worked with. I not only love working side by side with them every day, but I also get to call so many of them friends,” says Jackman. “With so many different opportunities it offers, I don’t ever see myself leaving Hyland.” 

For more information on Hyland, check out their recent blog post, "4 reasons why Hyland is rated as a “Great Place to Work”.

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