NorthCoast 99 winners lead the way when it comes to starting new trends in the workplace. Here are some of the top trends we’ve observed among NorthCoast 99 winners in 2013. 

Recruiting & Hiring

  • Improving the candidate experience with better responsiveness, communication, and on-boarding
  • Using data-driven online marketing methods to recruit
  • Targeted recruitment (niche resources, social media, etc.)
  • Focusing on culture in the hiring process (culture-specific communication, hiring criteria, etc.)
  • Using case studies and other work sample tasks to base hiring decisions

 Performance Management

  • Doing more communication and analysis of what makes top performers different from other employees
  • Having top performers mentor others to improve performance
  • Initiating shadowing between lower performers or younger employees and top performers
  • Tailoring performance conversations to three groups of employees: high performers, average performers, and low performers
  • Improving performance management support for supervisors (guides, talking points, etc.)

Recognition & Rewards

  • Using online rewards and recognition systems which allow employees to engage in recognition of others
  • Implementing recognition programs or initiatives for “unsung heroes” hidden behind the scenes
  • Focusing on staff appreciation through employee appreciation days and/or weeks

 Training & Development

  • Coaching and mentoring engagements with senior leaders
  • Leadership and knowledge sharing groups which provide support for leadership development
  • Women’s initiatives, dedicated to female development
  • Career development systems, websites, and training series’ providing employees with tools and information to guide their career

 Community Involvement

  • Providing paid time off to participate in community service or community service activities during company workdays
  • Initiating unique community service projects relevant to the organization’s business or employees' passions
  • Developing funds and foundations
  • Using local resources: buying local, using community leadership programs, and participating in local community organizations

 Work/Life & Wellness

  • More flexible sick and bereavement time policies
  • Less restrictive attendance policies
  • Holistic wellness initiatives (yoga, meditation, guided imagery, etc.)
  • Offering healthy food in the workplace
  • Incorporating counseling and support on other wellness issues (financial, emotional, career, stress, etc.)

Involvement & Engagement

  • Having non-management employees lead strategic initiatives
  • Using cross-functional initiatives and shadowing in other departments
  • Involving employees in addressing employee engagement issues
  • Involving employees in developing and carrying out the mission, values, and vision

Management & Leadership

  • Movement towards a servant-leadership approach to leading focused on employees’ needs
  • Movement towards managers having a shared responsibility for attraction, retention, and engagement with greater accountability
  • Initiatives to help increase interaction with and exposure to senior leaders and CEO on a one-on-one basis
  • More involvement by senior managers in the recognition, development, and engagement of top performers

These are just some highlights of the major trends that we observed among the NorthCoast 99 winners in 2013. To learn about other workplace trends, please download the 2013 NorthCoast 99 Winners Report.