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August 29. 2012

The 5 Factors that Differentiate NorthCoast 99 Winners

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August 29. 2012

The 2012 NorthCoast 99 Winners Report, produced and published by ERC, summarizes the key ways that NorthCoast 99 winners are different from other employers in Northeast Ohio. This year, we've condensed the report down to 5 simple factors that truly differentiate the winners from other organizations.

Here are some highlights from our research:

  1. How winners attract and find top performers. In our research, we find that winners attract talent differently than their peers. They spend time telling stories about their culture and history, leveraging employment branding, and using creative targeted recruitment strategies to land the best talent in the region. Additionally, improving the candidate and new-hire experience has become crucial to their success.
  2. How winners pay and reward top performers. Winners pay their talent better than other organizations with higher salary increases and more potential to earn pay for performance. They communicate pay more effectively too, seizing opportunities to make pay practices clear, transparent, and fair. To supplement pay, winners provide a broad range of innovative programs and initiatives to recognize, reward, and show appreciation to their employees.
  3. How winners develop top performers. Training and development opportunities are abundant at NorthCoast 99 winners. Winners make significant investments of time and money in their top performers' development and have established creative formal and informal programs, practices, and initiatives to grow skills, competencies, and leaders - all necessities for their organizations' future growth and success.
  4. How winners support top performers. Winners find opportunities to support their employees. Whether it's supporting their work/life balance, providing creative benefits and programs to enhance their quality of life and well-being, creating family-friendly work environments, and/or supporting the communities they serve, winners excel at offering workplaces that support employees as whole people.
  5. How winners lead and empower top performers. Finally, winners lead and empower top performers differently than other organizations. Winners' leaders take a vested interest in the attraction, retention, and engagement of top talent and managers are held accountable for keeping great people. Additionally, winners use many avenues to empower and involve their top performers in improving their organizations.

To learn more about how winners excel in these five areas, purchase our 2012 NorthCoast 99 Winners Report. This report will be sent to all 2012 NorthCoast 99 applicants, who have access to it for no cost. Non-applicants can purchase the report for $175.

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