The 2017 NorthCoast 99 Awards Event was an electrifying evening filled with music, singing, and laughter. The energy in the room was as vibrant and fun as the evening’s theme, “Fun in the Workplace.”

The event was held to honor the 99 great places to work for top talent in Northeast Ohio. In attendance ranged from C-suite executives to front-line employees.

The night began with a cocktail hour for attendees to network and mingle with other winners and sponsors. The main area and VIP area were both filled with Northeast Ohio professionals excited to be there.

As laughter began to fill the rooms at Landerhaven, groups of coworkers and friends made their way to the photo booth areas where they took pictures with fun props such as pom poms, foam fingers, and signs touting “Top Performer” and “#NC99.”

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Following the cocktail hour, the sea of 800+ guests began to pour into the main ballroom for the show. As attendees were tweeting and getting #NC99 to trend, guests enjoyed a formal, seated dinner while admiring the artwork commissioned through Graffiti HeArt for the stage’s backdrop.

The featured artist that goes by “Monster Steve” (aka Steve Ehret), created a mural that married the concept and theme of the evening with his own monster-style. Graffiti HeArt is a Cleveland-based Non-Profit organization inspiring health and art in the community through talented artists beautifying and revitalizing spaces, resulting in charitable donations that fund art education scholarships for underserved youth.

NY NY Dueling Pianos

Immediately following the meal, the show began with an introduction by Lute Harmon Jr. of Cleveland Magazine, who gave five lucky attendees a set of tickets to attend Cleveland Magazine’s Best of Cleveland event, and a note of entertainment. The New York, New York Dueling Pianos energized the crowd with their rendition of Uptown Funk then a NorthCoast 99 interpretation of Billy Joel’s classic, Piano Man.

During Piano Man, which was updated with lyrics that reflect the NorthCoast 99 Awards, New York, New York Dueling Pianos invited the crowd to join in on a sing-a-long. Who knew the 2017 NorthCoast 99 Winners would make up such a lovely choir?

NorthCoast 99 2017 Event Crowd

The tables of attendees all competed with one another during the 2017 Winners video to see who could cheer the loudest for their company while the pianists led the charge. The centerpieces doubled as cheering-assistants with lights, bubbles, pom poms, oversized sunglasses, and foam fingers.

Pat Perry, President of ERC, emceed the night by honoring two Legacy Award Winners, three Top-Score Winners (Small, Mid-Size, and Large business).

Six Special Category Award Winners were also honored, in addition to the rounded out 99. Each acceptance speech and video was as compelling as the last and filled with inspirational stories and takeaways to bring back to their organizations.

Michael Kerr

To wrap-up the evening, Pat introduced the Keynote Speaker and Author, Michael Kerr. Michael is a Hall of Fame speaker who travels the world researching, writing, and speaking about inspiring leaders and businesses that leverage their humor resources for outrageous results.

Michael’s message was about inspiring attendees to combine a spirit of fun and focus on culture, to be more authentic, more genuine, and more real in the workplace. Michael used experiences and stories to stimulate and motivate attendees to bring more fun and laughter into their organizations.

A few standout takeaways from Michael include, “Don’t be a seagull,” and “If policy fails, try thinking.” This fun and laughter will yield results that will leave your business in a better, happier place.

This message of “Fun in the Workplace” radiated throughout the evening and throughout the entire 2017 NorthCoast 99 season. It’s apparent that Northeast Ohio has a population of professionals that are dedicated and determined to empowering the region’s business community through fun at work and striving for greatness.

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