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October 10. 2016

2016 NorthCoast 99 Awards Event Recap

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October 10. 2016

2016 NorthCoast 99 Awards Event Recap

Pat Perry, President of ERC, kicked off the Awards by describing the true essence of this year’s NorthCoast 99 Awards, “this evening is about forward momentum. About leaving something better than how you found it.” To leave a legacy means to have made an impact. To have made an impact means to believe in something bigger than yourself. And that’s what was celebrated at the 18th Annual NorthCoast 99 event on September 22, 2016.

ERC had the privilege of hosting an event honoring 99 organizations throughout Northeast Ohio that aim to make their workplace great and leave a legacy of their own, each and every day. As these organizations strive for excellence, they inspire excellence in others. The energy in the room was awe-inspiring with over 800 people representing their organizations. 

After dinner, the night began with a performance by two Northeast Ohio natives, Megan Zurkey and Adam Orin. They encompassed what leaving a legacy is all about with a cover of Phillip Phillips’ “Home” paired with a video montage featuring photos of NorthCoast 99 Winners’ employees making a difference in their organization and in their communities. It was electric to see everyone beaming with pride as they watched their organizations on the screens.

Perry noted that the highlighted accomplishments of these NorthCoast 99 organizations don’t happen without a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to becoming a great workplace, where top performers want to be. These organizations, just like the 2016 Lithograph, are made up of many different parts coming together toward a common goal, plowing ahead with great strength.

It was a very special night, recognizing all of the Winners, the first time Winners, the Legacy 10-time Winners, the Special Category Winners, and the Top Score Winners. All of these organizations have made an impact, have left things better than how they found them, and continue to move forward with strength and contagious energy.

This same concept of legacies was then translated by Best-Selling Author Brad Meltzer. Meltzer had the unique experience of reading his own obituary, which made him realize what it truly means to leave a legacy. He referenced many of his life experiences to note the 4 types of legacies you leave behind, family, friends, coworkers, and community. Meltzer also noted that it isn’t what you do for yourself that leaves a legacy, “your legacy is what you do for other people.”

It was clear that the people sitting in the ballroom at Landerhaven were making an impact towards their organization’s legacy. These organizations are also all part of each other’s legacy as NorthCoast 99 Winners, making Northeast Ohio a forward-moving region of great employers filled with top talent.

Meltzer concluded the evening by encouraging attendees to ask themselves, “what do you want to be forever?”

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