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February 24. 2015

10 Qualities of a Great Supervisor [Research]

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February 24. 2015

What makes a great supervisor? The best ones lead by example when managing, leading, empowering, and involving employees. We've taken research from the some top organizations and identified some of the top qualities of good supervisors and managers.

1. Lead by example                                              

Excellent managers and supervisors lead by example. They are to model the organization’s mission and values, embody the desired culture, and create an environment where employees can thrive; all while remaining positive and supportive.

2. Treat employees respectfully, fairly, and empathetically

It's important to create a positive work atmosphere by making decisions in a fair manner, treating employees consistently, communicating honestly, and being respectful towards employees. Top supervisors and managers are also expected to act empathetically and compassionately when responding to employees’ needs and concerns.More...

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